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Club Class – A year's membership of Brighton Marina Yacht Club, with five mornings yacht racing experience!

Janice Dykes
Club Class, BMYC
Brighton Marina, Brighton
Sailing in the fast lane

Pictures of Club Class can be seen HERE and also on the Gallery page.
Club Class October 2008 © Katie Street 2008

© Katie Street 2008

Cost: Only £165.00
(Students/concessions: £99.00)

Club Class is the BMYC yacht racing appreciation experience. It is held twice a year in Spring and Autumn. We take people with a variety of experience. Some have no sailing experience at all, others have done some windsurfing, dinghy sailing or cruising. Each course is held over five consecutive Saturday mornings from about 8:45AM to 2:00PM.

The start date of the next series is 26 September 2015.

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We aim to provide a brief taste of inshore yacht racing for both novice and improver sailors. By the end of Club Class participants will have experienced a short introduction to this fascinating sport, learnt some basic racing techniques and gained essential background knowledge.

What happens?
Although essentially a practical event, sessions afloat will be backed up with shore-based sessions in the Club House. Participants will gain an appreciation of crew organisation and co-ordination, basic sailing manoeuvres, mark-rounding techniques, starting techniques, the pros and cons of handicap racing versus fleet racing, basic racing rules, essential rope work, sources of meteorological and tidal information and what it means to the racing sailor, race tactics and course planning.

This is not a training course, the skippers are all experienced amateur volunteers from Brighton Marina Yacht Club. The yachts that you will be sailing on are provided by members in order that others may have the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing and in particular inshore yacht racing. Those completing Club Class will be encouraged to extend their membership of the Club and join one of the yachts racing regularly out of Brighton Marina.

Am I fit enough?
The answer is not that simple. Sailing is a fun and sociable sport that can be enjoyed by anyone whatever level of fitness and mobility. However, yacht racing and in particular the yachts we will be using do require you to be of a reasonable level of fitness and mobility.

One last point, by necessity a yacht and its crew have to be reasonably self-sufficient. If you are five miles out to sea it may take quite a while before help can reach you. If any club classers have any recurring medical problem please make it know to the administrator and the boats skipper. Those who have doubts about their suitability should contact their GP.

What do I need to bring?
All safety gear will be provided but for the sessions afloat it is essential that you come prepared to be outside for a couple of hours. Soft-soled shoes, or boots that will give you adequate grip whilst not marking the decks are essential. Lots of warm layers are better than thick layers as you'll get hot at times. Waterproofs are essential – golfing or walking types will be sufficient as we won't be venturing afloat in adverse conditions. A pair of leather palmed gloves (we may have some available on the day) will help protect hands more used to pushing pens than pulling ropes.

It may be worth bringing a change of clothing and leaving it in your car or the club house. Apart from that all you need bring is bags of enthusiasm and a will to experience something new.

Sociable bit!
An informal debrief in the Club House bar will follow each session, the Club restaurant provides an excellent selection of meals and snacks too.

For further information contact:

Janice Dykes, Club Class, BMYC
Brighton Marina, Brighton, BN2 5UT