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The following document(s) can be downloaded: Agenda for the 35th AGM (pdf)
Minutes of the 35th AGM (pdf)

Notice is hereby given that the 36th

Annual General Meeting

of the

Brighton Marina Yacht Club Limited

Will be held on

Sunday 23rd November 2014


Brighton Marina Yacht Club, Medina House, Park Square, Brighton Marina, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 5UT

Commencing at 14:00hrs

or soon as possible thereafter.

Voting members are encouraged to submit nominations for a Voting Member to be elected to the Board of Directors at the AGM; nominations may be submitted for Director Seats or Flag Officer Seats.

Voting Members are persons holding a Full Membership, or a Life Honorary Membership, of Brighton Marina Yacht Club.

Director Seats are: House Director, Directors without portfolio.  n.b. The Board may create additional Director Seats as felt necessary or as the Voting Membership request by resolution for discussion at this General Meeting.

Flag Officer Seats are: Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Finance Director, Rear Commodore Cruising, Rear Commodore Diving (nominated by the Dive Section membership), Rear Commodore Motor, Rear Commodore Racing.

Any questions concerning this meeting should be addressed to the Club Office at the address above or posted via reply to the email.


The 35th Annual General Meeting of the Brighton Marina Yacht Club Limited was held on Sunday 19th January 2014 at the Brighton Marina Yacht Club.

At that meeting Peter Dilloway-Thompson continued the role of Commodore.

The full list of Board Members and Officers can be seen on the Officers page.

The Admiral’s Cup 2013 was awarded to Florence Hubert.

The text of the Commodore's Report of the last AGM and all the other reports can be seen in the panels below. Click the head of each report to open or close it.

Commodore's report

Commodore’s Report 2013

In my last letter to you all, a letter that was a statement more of intent than result, hope maybe rather than fact; I am now reflecting on what we have achieved in the face of hard economic challenges that was 2013.

The over riding surprise to me was the eventual success of The Autumn Club Class, challenged as it was by the usual inclement weather and small numbers. Never the less numbers grew steadily into the forties, not the roaring I am pleased to add; proving to be yet another successful gathering of like minded people.

Lynne East and her magic wand worked up the energy and enthusiasm which we have all come to admire in her tenacious spirit, delivering yet another fully attended group of Club Classers ably assisted by her team of helpers.
May I also applaud the generous time given once again by our band of yacht owners who surrender their beloved craft to this important and worthwhile cause?

We have continued to enjoy excellent sailing throughout the year celebrating eventually at the largest gathering of members that I have ever seen at a prize giving in all my years at BMYC. We sat down together some 97 members in the club at the autumn prize giving, when for the first time we announced the 1st 2nd and 3rd in class for each event simultaneously, a necessity that moved things along efficiently enabling time to relax and chat over a drink before departing at a sensible hour.

May I once again congratulate the Staff lead by John Boyce in dealing efficiently and with such nonchalance this challenge in getting great food delivered hot and tasty to our tables. The decorative addition of candelabras combined with smartly dressed members in black ties accompanied by a dazzling array of lovely lady’s none of which were recognisable out of their usual Musto’s and Henry Lloyd sailing gear with perfect hairdos. 

This now rather common place gathering of such numbers, was followed by an equally impressive Christmas Lunch, well served, well cooked, and well managed. I was rather pleased with the Christmas puddings reminding me of home made mince pies and brandy butter.

I trust this year we shall enjoy more of the mid week constructive lectures that proved so enjoyable and well attended in 2012.

Wednesday evening lectures provide for constructive informative professional education so beneficial to all it also gives a great boost to the club bar turnover and galley takings.

 The Present

You will have noticed that building work on the cofferdam has started in earnest rendering car parking a distant luxury. However we shall have a set of stairs erected soon that will access the landing at our front entrance bypassing the tower crane that will preclude access from the ramp, meanwhile we have the walkway dividing storage from access on the ramp roadway leading up to our clubhouse.

We shall endure this in our usual manner as in the end we shall have moved to some other premises; after all it is not the place but the membership who make the club what it is.

So providing the crane driver behaves himself and doesn’t create an outdoor feature of the roof we shall continue until further notice from where we are.

I am pleased to report that bar loss has been reduced from £7483 to £3774 this year as you will have seen from the annual statement at the AGM, this shows how a concerted effort lead by our Director of House John Boyce has reduced our liability below that which we had come to expect. We hope to reduce this even further in 2014 by strengthening the control by introducing a House team starting with the voluntary assistance of Colin Scarf and Simon Grigg giving the club membership more assurance of a well considered operation.


Dieppe Dash

There has this year been a very well attended off shore series of races, surprising in a year when for example, the Royal Escape Race was cancelled, an unheard of scenario; however we at BMYC had a well attended Dieppe Dash with an increase in numbers  BMYC contributing 19yachts out of an entry of 42 making the event a happy and lively one. The finish times were close with on the water elapsed times only separated by minutes.

In TCF 1000 and above, Mark Jephcott in his modified 1720 with tin bath and hot showers took first place with an elapsed time of 11hrs 18min and 12sec followed by Colin Foxley with Extreme taking second place with an elapsed time of 11hr.15min.02sec.

In TCF 0999 and below, first place was taken by Peter Vaughan in his Hanse 320 Pean 11, with Chris Woods taking second place in Temeraire in his Moody 331.

We are very grateful for the continued support and sponsorship of ‘Sussex Yachts’ ships chandlers of Brighton Marina for their continued support and organization. I am sure this event will grow in 2014 as it is sure that this race will once again prove to be a favorite attraction.

Sussex Regatta

Brighton cleaned up in this as usual with a 1st place in IRC1 Shmoking Joe 1st place in IRC2 Jeneral Lee and with a 2nd place IRC2 John May in Vision gave us the team prize to boot. I like it!!!


The BMYC Commodores Cup in 2013 had a combined total number of challengers totaling 33 Yachts competing in IRC1, 2 and PY, all results available on the website.

Fastnet Race

Two BMYC yachts entered the Fastnet Race in 2013, both of which were Prima 38’s Kokomo and Revive, the latter placed 8th at one stage but then they had lunch, a bit of cake and became a little distracted.

The Fastnet is a grueling race which if you have never entered, has a huge qualifying requirement before the race itself, so my hats off to both yachts and their crew who took part, well done indeed.

It is worth noting that most of Kokomo’s crew comprised of club class intake from the previous year, proving how well this terrific activity contributes to BMYC racing subsequently.

RNLI Regatta Eastbourne

We held our usual feeder race dash to Eastbourne Sovereign Harbor for the RNLI Regatta from which we won IRC 1 held for the second or even third year by Jeneral Lee and a 2nd in PY Kereru. Graham Allen frustratingly also narrowly missed a 1st place in the Little Britain Race by a miniscule 0.05sec.

European J111 Championship

I conclude the racing accolades with a significant BMYC contender ‘Shmoking Joe’ whose crew and helm you all know, they are a demure, quiet, unpretentious bunch of chaps and Chapeses who report that they didn’t do very well. I strongly disagree! Placed second in J111 European Championship at Le’Harvre, 2nd in class two in Cowes Week also won Vice Admirals Cup in Class 2 significantly flying the flag I would say! Very well done.


Rob Mclean and Joe Field from BMYC racing in Sleeper commenced their run up to the start of the Antigua race having two of their crew take Sleeper out to the start by way of an ordeal. A slight case of being tired and emotionless after their liquid flight in from the UK. However it seemed to have worked well as the team gained a 1st place in class after a grueling 250 mile beat into big seas as a first leg of several legs around the Island resulting in what was described to me as the hardest race they had experienced.

Thanks for making BMYC stand alone in those far flung places and very well done.


I am happy to relate that there have also been several trips by members cruising to Sovereign Harbor significantly, their Rally to the RAF Air Show Tattoo combined with a return cruise from Eastbourne with SHYC cruisers to our club house for much of the same bon hommie’.


I am pleased to welcome Paul Dupret to the Board of Directors in his capacity as RCD, may I wish him every success in this Flag Officer position. To the members of BMYC Divers I hope you have a significant change in the weather this year to enable more periods of dive-able conditions. Also my sincere thanks for the difficult work they put in for us servicing the underwater tackle of our racing marks.

Simon Grigg who races Arcadian with his partner Anne Jackson is another addition to our Board of Directors. He is keeping a sharp eye assisting Phil Thomas with our financial affairs and is proving to be a benefit to us in the day to day checking of our income and expenditure.


During her time as membership secretary Flo has had to suffer in addition to the hardship and vagarious challenges this post inevitably attracts, my sometimes tactless criticism of her for which I apologise totally. I welcome her application to become a member of our board and look forward to her continuance with us in this role.

The Future

Robert Stiles & Pete Tyler are still in discussion with Brunswick and Midguard regarding future premises, and at this time there are no firm offers or confirmed heads of agreement.
There is a further meeting this week 16th January 2014 prior to the AGM at which details may emerge favorably.

May I ask that whilst the disruption and noise that the building work will cause, making normal life inevitably harder, please bear with us and help where you can by giving the club your utmost support during this period.
There is a light at the end of this disruption with new premises, whether it is floating or permanent.
Most of all we shall not stop racing! We will not stop cruising or diving.
We will continue drinking and enjoying each others company at our many regattas   continuing to benefit from what has become probably one of the best Yacht clubs with a most enviable variety of events on the South Coast.

We have worked hard to achieve what we have created and it is the membership that has provided this continuity. I am privileged to be well assisted by an enthusiastic, talented board of Directors, Flag Officers and committee members, headed up by our longest serving member of all, Jack Voss who treasures this club like the crown jewels.

Together we shall prevail.

Thank you all for your contribution in 2013 and I look forward to my last year as Commodore with eager anticipation.

Yours sincerely

Peter G Dilloway-Thompson
Commodore BMYC

Rear Commodore Racing’s report

REAR COMMODORE RACING - 2013 at THE AGM 19th Jan 2014

The construction outside is now under way as you will have noticed, but we must use this as a positive and not be despondent as it does mean we are well on our way to a new clubhouse so spread the word that we are open for business as usual !

Racing wise, last year was challenging for us at BMYC. The summer was fantastic but the weather during the beginning and end of the year was very much against us with storm after storm which has affected our racing income. Let us hope and pray for better weather this year.

Peter has already spoken about the majority of our racing successes last year so that helps to shorten my speech you will be glad to hear, but he did miss one that I am rather proud of and that was winning the Caribbean RORC 600 on Sleeper – a J39 part BMYC boat which we are attempting to do again this year at the end of February on a new Azure 46 – Sleeper 9. Hopefully without cockroaches aboard like last year! Wish us luck on that.

We are well set for a fantastic year of racing here at BMYC. The buoys have all been checked over by our in-house divers – thank you guys for that, and our committee boat is in good shape thanks to the help of Sussex Yachts, Dilly & our bosun Quentin.

In 2014 we hope to have a variety of talks and lectures. We have weather experts Libby Greenhalgh and Stokey Woodall to help improve our knowledge of the wind. Stokey advises the Met Office on weather and does weather routing for many ocean races including the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers known as the ARC which Geoff Bryant from L’Intrepide has just completed.

I have sailed the Atlantic 11 times now so I know what it involves, but it wasn’t always on a luxurious Oyster 66. In fact one year we lost power so were on water rations for the last 5 days which was interesting. Well done Geoff and his crew.

Other talks we hope to have will include sail trim and rules to help us all expand our knowledge in these fields

Club Class has been a fantastic success in 2013 and plans are now well underway for the 2014 sessions. Lynne East and her team of enthusiastic helpers must be thanked for their tireless support of this institution.

Excluding membership, Club Class raised more money for our club than any other section last year and continues to bring in new members to our club. This event cannot happen without owners and skippers and their boats so do please support this as best as you can.

We are lacking a cruising section and cruising commodore so we hope to be able to build on this in 2014. Any interested parties would be most welcome.

The Sussex Regatta is due to be hosted at Shoreham this year so it would be good to get our usual formidable teams together once more to bring home the cups. Watch this space for our Summer Regatta .. this promises to be a cracker and also, there will be an additional Premier Marina Regatta in September where we will be working closely with Premier to host an event that will hopefully attract lots of boats from other Premier Marinas to compete against.

One of the races during this regatta will encompass Bart’s Bash which will commemorate the world renowned Andrew Simpson who was a gold and silver Olympic medalist, an America’s Cup professional and an all round fantastic man who was tragically killed in an accident during training on San Francisco Bay in May 2013.

That’s about it from me apart from saying thanks to everybody for your continued support of racing and the Brighton Marina Yacht Club. Without you all, there would be no club. Thank you.

Rob Mclean
Rear Commodore Racing – Brighton Marina Yacht Club

Rear Commodore Diving’s report

Diving Section Report

Another active year with some excellent diving.

Managed to attract a number of new members through our training programme as well as attracting some existing member to have a go.

The dive section has again successfully inspected, cleaned and maintained the racing Buoys, a service which saves the club a considerable amount each year.

The dive section continues to make a positive contribution to the finances of the club.

No overseas holidays this year but we had a very successful weekend trip to Swanage in the summer, this also generated funds for the club.

Club night has now moved to Wednesday night which appears to be working well.

Richard Harvey
Rear Commodore Diving

Rear Commodore House’s report

HOUSE REPORT – 2012/2013

The main event was the refurbishment and updating of the galley.  It badly needed  it and the floor certainly would not pass Health & Safety but we had been hanging on  to hopefully hear about club re-location.  It was one of those situations, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  An opportunity arose to purchase from a restaurant/bar that was closing down, galley equipment that was badly needed, i.e. cooking range, commercial fridges etc.  Also some furniture and crockery was purchased so the refurb went ahead, including new flooring, together with installation of a new gas heating and hot water system.  This did not give us a great saving in costs but is definitely  more efficient.  All the installation was done knowing that hopefully in the not too distant future it would be moved.  The advantages of this refurb are obvious; those who have attended events have seen that we can now easily provide sit-down 4 course meals for up to 100 people - more of these please.

The year’s turnover did not start out so well with terrible weather causing many Sunday cancellations and lack of visitors to the club.  That gave me the inspiration to encourage more events and take up the challenge of endeavoring to make the bar/galley a profit centre not just a service to members.  Fortunately we are now achieving this.

We had some great events, apart from the Prize Giving and Regatta, which were outstanding successes,  we have been supported by our corporate members, the charter fishermen and Hove Lagoon, RNLI dinners, a great Sea Cadets formal mess dinner, quizzes, several members birthday parties and sadly a few wakes, but all help the turnover.  The Sunday/Wednesday summer evening racing contributes just under 40% of the turnover with the other days and events contributing 60%.  We need to increase both.

We have had a very loyal staff during the year.  To work towards profitability, I modified the working hours and rota to cut back and with members assistance which was very gratefully received and accepted by members maybe waiting to take a little longer to be served and helping with clearing plates etc.  a wages saving was clearly achieved.  I would like to thank the staff, most sincerely, on behalf of the club, for their hard work, loyalty and understanding during the year.

I would like to thank all members for using the club, to encourage more use during these upcoming difficult times.  I can increase the profitability with very little increase in direct costs, just by more members coming through the door and using the facilities.  A lot more events are planned for the coming season, dinners, talks, and social occasions.  Please support them and if you and your friends have any occasion to celebrate, think of the club as a venue.  We are here for you.

John Boyce
Rear Commodore House


Minutes of the thirty fifth AGM of
Brighton Marina Yacht Club
held on 19th January 2014

Officers Present: Pete Tyler (President), Peter Dilloway Thompson (Commodore),
Simon Grigg, Phil Thomas, Rob Mclean, Graham Allen, John Boyce,
Robert Stiles & Pauline Allen.

The President opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asked the
Secretary to read the notice convening the meeting.

Apologies were received from: Katie Street, Nick Douthwaite, Joe Field, Andy Uren, Andrew & Janet Pitcher, Alex Laurie, Dean & Liz Wetton & Sarah Mckenzie.

The minutes of last year’s meeting were available and were adopted:
Proposed: Flo Hubert
Seconded: Tim Spafford

The Commodore then gave his report for 2013 in which he gave a resume of all that had happened in the year, a copy of which is attached. In it he pointed out that rules 43.1 and 44.2 had not been adherred to. Therefore a committee of Colin Scarff, Simon Grigg and John Boyce would be responsible for the running and accounts of the Bar/Galley.

The Commodore then moved for the adoption of the report. Adopted
Seconded: Matthew Holmes

Robert Stiles was then called upon to give an up to date report on the new club premises as he had had a meeting with the developers that week. The Aqua Bar was out of the equation as the service charge was too high and the owners would not drop. Brunswick are still willing to build us a floating yacht club which will probably not be as big as the original and would have a change in design. They would hope to be in a position for the yacht club to be in its new premises by Christmas 2014. The 106 states that we should have a yacht club to move into before we vacate the old one. We have been in this position before and nothing has come of it, so we can only wait and see.

Phil Thomas then presented the accounts a copy of which are attached. These show the costs of running the yacht club, the largest amount being depreciation which was for Admiral Jack and the Galley, which was charged out over a period of 3 years not the usual 10 years. Lynne East queried why the expenses for club class had risen so much and this was mainly due to the extra staff employed to help during club class. The Bar/Galley had made a loss of £4K on the year and it was thought that these figures should be separated. We are going to apply for a new modified licence when we take over the new club house. Also we should allow £1K a month for outside services like refuse.

The accounts were adopted.
Proposed: Phil Thomas
Seconded: Lynne East

The Election of Officers and Directors

Commodore: Peter Dilloway Thompson
Vice Commodore: Graham Allen
Rear Commodore Racing: Rob Mclean
Rear Commodore Diving: Paul Dupret
Treasurer: Phil Thomas
Rear Commodore Cruising: Vacant
Rear Commodore Motor: Vacant

Directors: Robert Stiles, John Boyce, Flo Hubert

Honorary Officers:

President: Pete Tyler
Secretary: Pauline Allen

All the above positions were uncontested and therefore all were duly elected.

The present auditors Knill James are willing to continue in office.
Proposed: Colin Scarff
Seconded: Andrew Orton

Admirals Cup
The cup was presented to Flo Hubert for all the hard work she had done with regard to membership.

Hon Life Membership
This was given to founder members John and Sylvia May for their service to the club both racing and social.

Rob Mclean stated that in conjunction with Premier Marina, a Regatta would be held on the 21st September to coincide with “Barts Bash”. This is to commemorate Andrew Simpson known as “Bart” who died in San Francisco.

Well done to Geoff Bryant for his participation in the Arc.

Commodore’s Bell

This was presented to Robert Styles and Pete Tyler for the hard work they had put in in their own time for the club regarding the move and the acquisition of a new club house. The Commodore also presented them with a bottle of wine each as a thank you.

It was proposed that the next AGM will be held no later than the last Sunday in December 2014.

This was carried unanimously and the meeting retired to enjoy the Rum Punch at the bar, provided by the Admiral Jack Voss.