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The 36th Annual General Meeting of the Brighton Marina Yacht Club Limited was held on Sunday 23rd November 2014 at the Brighton Marina Yacht Club.

At that meeting Peter Dilloway-Thompson handed over the role of Commodore to Phil Thomas, and took over the role of President from Pete Tyler.

The full list of Board Members and Officers can be seen on the Officers page.

The Admiral’s Cup 2013 was awarded to Philip Ayton.

The text of the Commodore's Report of the last AGM and all the other reports can be seen in the panels below. Click the head of each report to open or close it.

Commodore's report

Commodores End of Year Report 2014

I am pleased that in my final year as your Commodore I have only positive comments to make regarding the health of BMYC.

Since the engagement of our two franchisee's Julie and Moss we have had a resurgence of evening attendance due in a very large way to the excellent hospitality and friendly welcome that they both exude towards socialising visitors and members.

Their attention to detail in the running of both the bar and catering has created a very high standard indeed. I would like to see more of the same support you are now giving continuing and growing as I am sure it will in 2015.

Probably the most significantly positive news that I am sure you have all heard snippets of is our imminent move to a brand new floating yacht club in April next year.

The floating supports or pontoons that are at this moment being completed ready for placement at the lock end of the Marina will be arriving before December this year. The hulls will be lowered from their transporters and assembled to the south of the fuel jetty, following which Brunswick will complete the bridge decking on which the yacht club itself will be built.

Two securing piles will meanwhile be driven into the seabed behind Lagoon Water Sports to secure the floating assembly complete with Clubhouse that we shall occupy towards the end of April 2015 when the galley equipment and bar will be installed ready to be linked up to the electric and water supply.

The move will require a great deal of physical effort which I am sure you are all eager to provide having waited so very long for this great moment to actually arrive. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the light at the end of the tunnel has finally been well and truly switched on.

At this juncture I would like to applaud the determined and continued representations that Pete Tyler our President and Robert Stiles my valued project manager and Director have given towards achieving this momentous result, ably assisted by Stewart Henton who has been negotiating the detailed planning changes we have needed to accommodate all of our interests.

We make strides in achievements both on and off the water having in our midst this year World Champion sailors, enthusiastic river rats, and several notable results in pond crossings to France etc that our RCR Rob McLean will no doubt be reporting to you from his latest desk in the Mediterranean where he and the usual suspects have been slogging it out in the Middle Sea Race with Jonty Layfield in his latest Yacht Sleeper.

I have also spent time and money making sure our race control MV Admiral Jack is kept up to scratch, the split inspection hatch has been replaced and a automatic bilge pump installed. Also as you will have experienced on the finish line, a jolly good set of lungs in the shape of a pair of electric horns now welcomes the finishers crossing the line.

We shall be given a healthy EOY financial statement from Simon Grigg our Finance Director who has been seen grinning with a go faster between his lips eager to present his financial report to you.

Paul Dupret heading up the Dive Section has as usual been ably assisted in maintaining our racing marks for which I can't thank them enough.

He has prepared a very complete EOY report that underlines the ever changing face of participating youth  and the importance of continuous regeneration needed to ensure secure growth in our varied departments.

The divers rib has been improved with the installation of a drivers back support and a complete service of the outboard engine, both of which I was treated to the benefits of recently by Peter Van de Boon who enthusiastically tore round the outer harbour before rushing at seemingly insurmountable waves during a Club Class Saturday as race control boat. I am sure that Pete's motto is hang in there and enjoy it!

During any particular year there have been successes and failures, looking at this year undoubtedly the most outstanding success was that achieved by the crew of Smoking Joe campaigning hard in their concerted effort to achieve a win in the J111 Worlds, I for one am most proud of this hard won achievement that will stand in the annals of yacht racing history of BMYC for ever more. Well done Duncan McDonald and Phil Thomas who with great dedication lead their crew to the panicle of this the J111 World Championship. We congratulate them on their 1st place and are extremely proud to sail with them in our racing fleet as World Champions.

I would like to add my grateful thanks to all my Flag Officers and Directors for the support and commitment they have unstintingly given during my term of office as your Commodore, and to the silent support members have given in the work they contribute towards Committee, Club Class and organising our happy events at Regattas and functions such as Prize Giving.

We have had this year, to say a final farewell to our long serving and generous benefactor Admiral Jack Voss who in his 92nd year finally shrugged off  this mortal coil.

He leaves behind many wonderful memories and dear friends, who, have in so many varied and unselfish ways benefited from his gentle touch.

As I have stated before, Jack was a thorough Gentleman, strong in spirit and intent, with the strong convictions of a man who knew what was needed and how to get it.

A man who had enjoyed a successful and colourful  life who gave us by his energy and persistence the Yacht Club we now all enjoy.

God Bless him.


From me very best wishes for 2015 and may I give my successor all the very best of luck during his term as your new Commodore. Please give him the support and enthusiastic help he rightly deserves.

Yours Sincerely

Peter G Dilloway-Thompson
Commodore BMYC

Financial Report
Financial Report


I have pleasure in presenting the financial report for the year ended 30 September 2014. These notes should be read in conjunction with the detailed profit and loss account prepared by Knill James. The club achieved a profit of £8,014 for the year ended 30 September 2014 compared to a loss of £14,688 in the previous year mainly due to a reduction in administrative expenses, which I will detail later in this report.

Membership income, after related expenses, was £26,738 (last year £25,538) in great part due to our Commodore Mr Dilloway-Thompson’s efforts to fill the void created by the departure of the membership secretary. Members should note that as the membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March, approximately half of the membership income received this year will be released to the profit and loss account next year.

Racing income totalled £8,530 (last year £10,015); the reduction was primarily due to lower income from the autumn/winter series and regattas. Club class income arose from autumn 2013 and spring 2014. Diving income was lower this year, and expenses included maintenance and repairs to the rib engine. No social events were run this year, resulting in a saving of £1,207.

On 15 May the running of the bar and galley was transferred to a franchisee. Accordingly the accounts show the results of the bar and galley for the seven and a half months ended 15 May 2014; there was a loss of £4,969 in that period, compared to a loss of approximately £6,600 in the corresponding period in the previous year. Franchise income for the period 15 May to 30 September 2014 amounted to £3,975. In the corresponding period last year the bar and galley made a profit of approximately £2,800. I anticipate that the full benefit of the franchise will be seen in the year ending 30 September 2015 because we will continue to receive franchise income during the winter months.

Other income mainly comprised electricity recharged to JRL Midguard Ltd. During 2014 the club reached an agreement with Midguard whereby in exchange for Midguard sharing our electricity supply Midguard agreed to pay the electricity bills.

Overall, the gross profit of the club totalled £41,131 (last year £34,226).

Administrative expenses totalled £33,344 (last year £49,596). The reasons for the decrease, in order of importance, are set out below.

  1. In the year ended 30 September 2013 year the club incurred professional fees totalling £5,795 in connection with the ongoing negotiations with Brunswick and the establishment of the new clubhouse. No such fees were incurred during the year ended 30 September 2014.
  2. The depreciation charge has reduced from £11,231 to £8,685. The club’s accounting policy is to charge depreciation on the reducing balance basis at 33⅓% on fixtures and fittings, and at 25% on other fixed assets. The expenditure on the kitchen equipment in 2013 resulted in an unusually high depreciation charge, on top of the impact of depreciation on the expenditure on Admiral Jack which took place in 2012. Also, as the club has incurred minimal capital expenditure during 2014, the charge this year has reduced.
  3. Cleaning of the clubhouse is now the responsibility of the franchisee.
  4. The board have sought to avoid all but essential expenditure on the maintenance of the clubhouse pending the anticipated move to new premises, and administrative expenses have been closely controlled.

In summary, the club has been able to achieve cost savings from agreements with the franchisee and Midguard, and has been able to minimise its running costs. As well as resulting in a profit for the year, bank balances have increased during the year by £8,388 to £100,949.

Simon Grigg
Finance Director

Rear Commodore Racing’s report


2014 has been a fantastic year for sailing albeit with the usual weather problems that hamper the occasional Sunday race.

BMYC and its members have made themselves known around the world on various boats at various levels with the most notable this year being Shmokin Joe's amazing and inspiring win beating 12 other J111's with an 8 point lead at the J111 World Championships.

Diamond Jem's participation in the Commodores Cup was an awesome achievement against very strong competition

Other achievements to mention are Mark Jephcot's modified 1720 getting 5th in Class and 63rd overall in the Round the Island Race. BMYC also came 4th in the RTI Team trophy. 3 of our BMYC members helped win the Pendennis Superyacht Cup on a Truly Classic 85ft Ketch Velacarina. Judith & David Greenhalgh's daughter Libby (ex-BMYC member) was selected to be part of Team SCA's crew in the Volvo Ocean Race currently underway so a huge good luck to Libby.

2014 also saw Jeneral Lee winning the Sussex Regatta, the Sussex Yacht Club Regatta and the RNLI Regatta and a class win in the BMYC Regatta

Offshore successes this year have been Jonty Layfield's Azure 46 Sleeper with a win in Antigua Race Week, a 2nd in the Caribbean 600 and a 14th overall out of 126 boats in the Rolex Middle Sea Race in storm force 11 conditions. Other offshore successes were Jephcot's Haras winning the Dieppe Dash with Andy William's Mad Max taking line honours and 2nd place in IRC. Diamond Jem of course won second place in this years RORC Cervantes Trophy. Xtreme won the Royal Escape Race to Fecamp this year closely followed by Mad Max in 2nd and Shmokin Joe in 4th in lRC.

Sadly we lost Tony Scott, the owner of Arpege (a Sigma 33) at the beginning of the year who is greatly missed both on and off the race course and of course later in the year our Admiral Jack Voss sadly passed away in July. He will be sorely missed and as a tribute to him, we must all strive to maintain the clubs standards in the future. 2014 can not forget the tragic loss of the 4 lads lost at sea on the Cheeky Rafiki. Thank you to everybody that petitioned to have the search re-opened.

May saw a brilliant turn out at the BMYC Summer Regatta which is due to be repeated in 2015 so watch this space for

details. Lets hope we get an even better turn out from BMYC and neighbouring clubs. With your help I know we can do it!

Thanks to everybody for their support at the prize givings, fancy dress or otherwise.

Club Class continues to go from strength to strength providing an invaluable cash injection into our club twice a year under the brilliant guidance of Lynne East who after years at the helm, is now passing the baton to Janice Dykes to run. Please do give Janice as much support in 2015 as you possibly can. This requires helpers and most importantly boats to take people out on to make it a success.

In February, some of you were lucky enough to leam how to navigate with a flying pan and find your way through the fog with a rolled up marine chart under the guidance of a complete legend, Stokey Woodall who I hope will return in 2015 so watch this space and book early as space will be limited.

BMYC made its presence known at the Sussex Regatta this year with Andy Uren's yacht "Winston" winning IRC1, Redeye in 2nd place and Revive in 3rd. IRC2 was won by Jeneral Lee.

2015 will see the Sussex Regatta going to Eastboume and we are promised big things from Charles Erb their new commodore so lets help them make a success ofthe event and put this regatta in your diary for Easter next year.

The Offshore series was hotly contested this year with Xtreme winning just ahead of Kokomo and Silver Fox. Next year promises to be even better with the introduction of dual scoring under IRC & NHC. We will require another trophy for this so if anybody wants to donate one to the club, we would be very grateful.

September brought the Barts Bash Race which was an amazing event to be repeated on 20th September next year. With your help we managed to break the Guinness World Book of Records for the worlds largest ever yacht race and in the process we raised over 1/4 million pounds for The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation for children. I was particularly excited to be able to run the race with the Brighton Sailing Club dinghies, an association I have been trying to nurture to this stage over the past 3 years and the good news is that everybody loved it and cant wait to repeat the experience. We also got into the Evening Argus last week with this event.

We are well set for another fantastic year of racing here at BMYC. The buoys have all been checked over by our in house divers - thank you guys for that. The No.3 Buoy continues to be problematic but the addition of extra chain will hopefully resolve these issues. Unfortunately the No.4 buoy has recently been washed up on Rottingdean beach (possibly through an incident with that sunseeker you may have heard about a week or so ago) so until the weather moderates, we will be without this racing mark for the foreseeable future however once we get a slot, we will replace this buoy with a new modem hydrosphere spar buoy to match the others so that the maintenance of the buoys is vastly reduced. Our committee boat is also in good shape with a new automatic bilge pump and cockpit access hatch thanks to the help of Dilly & Dan Gohl from Gohl Marine who now look after its maintenance.

In 2015 we hope to have a variety oftalks and lectures to help expand our theory of all things sailing from sail trim to weather, safety and racing rules.

We are lacking a cruising section and cruising commodore for both motor and sail as well as a social committee figurehead so we hope to be able to build on this in 2015. Any interested parties would be most welcome.

The Premier Regatta in September this year was a flop due to the marina manager leaving and the new management thinking it was one of our events and not their event so we cancelled it and hope that 2015 will prove to be a good springboard to launch this new event in our sailing calendar.

That's about it from me you'll be glad to hear apart from saying thanks to everybody for your support of me and the racing at BMYC. I hope that you will continue to provide this support to our new RC Racing Matthew Holmes.

Finally my biggest thanks without doubt has to go to all BMYC members without whom, there would be no club at all

Thank you.

Rob Mclean
Rear Commodore Racing – Brighton Marina Yacht Club

Rear Commodore Diving’s report

Dive Section Report

After the Dive club AGM last year we had a full committee in place and the programme started to give us a focus through the winter months.

  • We were able to pool share with Sussex Divers on Thursday at Roedean pool for a number of weeks. Members came along to swim and test gear and we organised a couple of informal try-dives.

A series of lecture/refresher events took place:

  • Flares and search methods lecture by RNLI
  • Resuscitation practice, defibrillator and O2 kit use.
  • VHF radio lecture to refresh use and DCS procedure.
  • SeaSearch lecture and talk about marine conservation areas.


  • In the spring and early summer four members took a BSAC Boat handling course, taught in house. This involved 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of practical sessions. All four members gained the qualification.

Equipment maintenance

  • All club SCUBA kit was cleaned.
  • Regulators serviced for all club kits.
  • Cylinder tests for all club bottles which were out of date.
  • Boat lifted, antifouled and new anchor rope fitted.
  • Trailer serviced and ready for use.

All now ready for the start of the diving season.

Diving Summary

  • First dive of the season was to free No 3 buoy, which had snagged on its sinker so disappeared at high water.
  • No 6 buoy broke free so needed to be retrieved for beach.
  • No 6 buoy sinker and chain located and buoy reattached.
  • No 3 buoy again snagged and needed to be freed.
  • Three recreational dives took place.

Boat engine broke down and needed to be repaired at Oakleys, requiring trailer use, lift ,tow etc.

Contacted Sussex Dive club so we could join them for dives while boat was out of action. No take up of this offer, partly because of terrible visibility in the Channel (less than half a meter on occasion) and very few active members.

It is not clear what the future of the dive section is going to be as membership is very small.


Minutes of the thirty sixth AGM of
Brighton Marina Yacht Club
held on 23rd November 2014

Officers Present: Pete Tyler (President), Peter Dilloway Thompson (Commodore),
Simon Grigg, Graham Allen, Phil Thomas, Paul Dupret, Rob McLean,
Robert Stiles & Pauline Allen.

The President opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then asked the
Secretary to read the notice convening the meeting.

Apologies were received from: Sharon & Peter Hedges, Jane Geerts, Katie Street,
Bob D'eath, Clive Wilding, Adam Turner, Carl Hardwidge, Alex Mancy-Barrett, Frank
Cooper, John & Sylvia May.

The minutes of last year's meeting were available and were adopted:
Proposed: Neil Angel
Seconded: Colin Scarff

The Flag Officers then gave their reports, copies of which are attached.

The Commodore then moved for the adoption of the reports, Adopted
Seconded: Graham Allen

Robert Stiles was then called upon to give an up to date report on the progress of the
new club house. Records show that this has been ongoing for the last 8 years. We
designed the new club house but the developers wanted to build it themselves. The
club house should be ready April/May but as of yet nothing has been signed. We will
have the cost of fixtures and fittings and kitchen equipment together with a yearly
outlay for maintenance etc. During the first 6 weeks of the move we are going to have
to run 2 clubs as we will not be able to move in straight away as the new club house
will have to be fitted out as it will be a basic structure.

The Commodore called for a vote of thanks to Robert Stiles and Pete Tyler for all
the hard work they had put into getting the new club house a reality.
Proposed: Dean Wetton
Seconded: Andy Williams

Simon Grigg then presented the accounts a copy of which are attached. As can be seen
from the accounts the yacht club is looking healthier than this time last year but we will
have the maintenance of the yacht club in the future.

The accounts were adopted
Proposed: Anne Jackson
Seconded: Dean Wetton

Election of Honorary Officers and Directors

Commodore: Phil Thomas
Vice Commodore: Rob McLean
Rear Commodore Racing: Matthew Holmes
Rear Commodore Diving: Vacant
Rear Commodore House: Pete Tyler
Rear Commodore Cruising: Vacant
Rear Commodore Motor: Vacant

Finance Director/Treasurer: Simon Grigg
Director: Robert Stiles
Director: Andy Williams
Director: Michael Holmes

Honorary Officers:

President: Peter Dilloway Thompson
Secretary: Liz Ackrill
Membership Secretary: Janice Dykes

All were duly elected

The present auditors Knill James are willing to continue in office.
Proposed: Colin Scarff
Seconded: Robert Stiles

Admiral's Cup

The cup was presented by Colin Scarff, a previous winner, to Philip Ayton for all the
hard work he had done on the accounts.

Commodore's Bell

This was presented to Rob McLean together with a bottle of gin for all the work he
had done as Rear Commodore Racing.

Bouquets were given to Pauline Allen for her work as Secretary to the Board for the
last 3 years and Janice Dykes for assistance with Club Class and Membership.

Thanks was also expressed to the following; Geoff Bryant, Colin Scarff, Malcolm Cook &
Philip Ayton.

Graham Allen retired as a Director after seven years service, two as Vice Commodore.


Jack Voss's ashes are to be scattered in the Spring time to coincide with the opening
of the new club.

Stuart Henton provided coloured prints of the new club house for everyone to see.

It was proposed that the next AGM will be held no later than the last Sunday in
December 2015.

This was carried unanimously and the meeting retired to enjoy the Rum Punch at the
bar which was a tradition initiated by our late Admiral Jack Voss.